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Welcome to Legion!

DDM915 - Legion Official Website | Interested? Apply Now!

Legion - DDM915 Ran Online

We are looking for friendly, english-filipino speaking members. If you wish to join, please fill-out our application form. If you get accepted, we will contact you in- game through whisper.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to approach one of our officers in-game or you may contact me (Site Admin) through the private messaging system in this website.

We also encourage social interaction in the guild to make it a lively community!

Goodluck and may we have lots of fun!

See you in-game!

- Anon29



By: DGgames


    I welcome you to our official website Yahoo!!. All thanks to our very own Anon29! ^_^ Now that i`ve officially welcomed you. Let`s cut the crap and get to business!! Ang nais ko lamang pong mangyari ay sana lagi po kayong ACTIVE sa game, specially na sa CW. Alam kong wala pa tayo sa level ng LS or ng SGA. Pero kahit maliit na guild tayo, gusto ko maiba ang guild natin sa kanila. Hindi man po tayo malakas na guild, Masaya naman tayo. Diba?

    Gagawin po namin ang makakaya namin para lumakas ang guild natin. Sana po ay mag tulungan tayo. Sa pamamagitan ng mga events po namin mai-express ang aming tulong. At the same time we are having fun, right?

    So try not to miss out on any EVENTS!! (How? STAY ACTIVE!!)

    Ang website na ito ay para po makatulong sa guild natin.

    For any questions or concerns. Please feel free to PM any Senior Guild member In-Game, PM on our website, or Post it on our forums section.